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Ritu Raj

Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capital & Private Equity

Hi I’m Ritu Raj, I create systems and experiences enriching people’s lives.

Ritu Raj's Bio:

Ritu Raj is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to bringing innovative services and systems to market, which create new experience for people and enrich their lives. He founded Objectiveli, a collaborative application for executing goals, objectives and outcomes in real-time. Objectiveli is about driving outcomes, instead of managing "things to-do". Ritu Raj has been in Information Technology for 25 years. In the past he has founded successful companies like OrchestratorMail, WagHotels (The Largest Chain of Dog Hotels in the world) and Avasta (Pioneered Cloud Computing, acquired by Navisite). Ritu was a Partner at Accenture and a Senior Executive at TMP Worldwide.

Ritu Raj's Experience:

  • Founder, CEO & President at OrchestratorMail

    OrchestratorMail is an innovative tool that brings efficiency to email communication. By fitting into your existing email platform, OrchestratorMail provides a simple, yet elegant structure to simplify the back and forth of email communications. OrchestratorMail effectively decreases email overload, minimizes misinterpretation and organizes email into an easily viewable system. In a diverse, global workplace where immediacy of response and clarity of communications is critical, OrchestratorMail facilitates clear communications. It applies deadlines to communications making it more explicit and easy to track. OrchestratorMail is a hosted application, independent of any email platform or client and uses email as a communication medium.

  • Entrepreneur in Residence at Spring Ventures LLP

    Supporting portfolio companies in the areas of product management, marketing, social marketing and recruiting. Most of my efforts were focussed on bringing the technology that enabled ride sharing to market - SideCar, Roles changed from Product Management to Product Marketing, and getting 1000 people riding with SideCar pre-launch.

  • Founder, CEO & President at Wag Hotels

    Created and founded Wag Hotels. The largest hotel chain for dogs and cats in the world. Within 2 years became a house hold name for people with pets in northern California. People would say they are taking their dogs to Wag (instead of kennel). Completely designed the user experience and the process for pet care. Recruited "A" class team, and as a team created the brand, that Wag Hotels is now. Wag Hotels raised $12M in equity financing from friends and family and another $4M in debt financing.

  • Partner at Accenture

    Develop the Oracle Application practice for the Electronic & High Tech Practice in the Western Region.

  • Founder, CEO & President at Avasta

    Avasta was one of the original Cloud Computing companies. It created the paradigm of infrastructure-on-tap for business applications. Avasta would manage the stack from the network to the database layer, and in some cases manage the operations side of the applications. Avasta was acquired by Navisite. Avasta raised a total of $100M in equity and debt (most of it was equipment financing) from HP, American Express, Convergence Partners, Sandhill Capital to name a few.

  • VP Sales Consulting Services at TMP Worldwide

    AT Systems -> SystemOne -> TMP Worldwide

  • Consultant at Tecnova

    Information Systems Consulting

  • Co-Founder and CEO at Objectiveli

    A Collaboration Application for Executing Goals, Objectives and Outcomes (Management) in Real-Time. Objectively creates a simple framework, a collaborative one, for structured, cascading of goals and objectives all the way to the line managers. It creates a system of progress or outcome updates, which roll-up and consolidate up the line. Gives real-time visibility to the health of goals and objectives. Objectively is not a Human Performance Application, though its complimentary to it. Nor it is a Social Performance Application and is complmentary to it.

Ritu Raj's Education:

  • Delhi University

  • Delhi University

    Concentration: Mathematics
  • Modern School

    Concentration: Science

Ritu Raj's Interests & Activities:

Entrepreneur, Management, Startups, Innovation, Philosophy, Design. Design Thinking, UI/UX, Social Media

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